Undergraduate Courses Taught (BA in English)

  1. Introduction to Literature I & II
  2. Reading Comprehension I & II
  3. Basic Grammar I & II
  4. World Literature
  5. Contemporary Literature
  6. Reading Media Texts
  7. Basics of Research and Methodology
  8. A History of Literary Criticism
  9. Literary Translation I & II
  10. An Introduction to Literature
  11. Approaches to Literary Criticism
  12. A Survey of the History of English Literature I & II
  13. Essay Writing
  14. Literary Movements
  15. Classical and Renaissance Drama
  16. Samples of Simple Poetry
  17. Samples of Simple Prose

Postgraduate Courses Taught

  1. Literary Theory & Practice
  2. American Literature
  3. Short Fiction
  4. The Novel 
  5. Contemporary Poetry
  6. Literature of the 17th & 18th Centuries
  7. Writing Academic Papers about Literature 
  8. Word/Image: Literature & the Visual Arts
  9. Linguistic Approaches to Literature 
  10. Masterpieces of World Drama 

Thesis Supervision, Advisory, & Examination

  2. The Non-Whites and Appropriation of Occidental Codes in Their Eyes Were Watching God, The Known World and Crossing the River (Examiner, Ershad University of Damavand, 2019)
  3. A Žižekian Study of Violence in the Selected Armenian and Balkan Genocide Novels: The Sandcastle Girls and Girl at war (Examiner, Ershad University of Damavand, 2019)
  4. Capitalism and Consumerism in Huxley’s Novels (Examiner, Ershad University of Damavand, 2018)

Study Guides

  1. How to Compose Mini-essays
  2. Reading Materials for MA Entrance Exam, English Literature
  3. Recommended List of Short Stories for Further Reading